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Telematics – An important tool in Fleet Management

Posted by on Jun 8, 2017 in Automotive |

Technology has gained trust and control over almost every sphere of our lives. Our facilities are turning smart, industries are transforming digitally and the lifestyles have become ever-connected. Companies battle to thrive on this wave of digitization, thereby continuously innovating and creating newer avenues of technology adoption. Telematics, a concept that combines telecommunications and informatics, is one such innovation that technology buffs bank on to fill the gaps and redefine fleet management. Fleet management is the field of monitoring fleet costs, running conditions, downtimes and optimal decision making on trade–offs between fixed costs and running costs of ships, rail cars and commercial vehicles like cars, trucks etc. It includes...

How far is the country from the future of mobility? – Challenges in designing autonomous cars for India

Posted by on May 10, 2017 in Automotive |

A technological revolution always happens when it is accompanied by changes in and around the entire ecosystem. It is this environment which triggers innovations across the companies and helps create guidelines for the newly formed setup. Likewise disruption created by introduction of autonomous cars is not solely an evolution of traditional cars but in fact it stands to revolutionize various other sectors in the process. An autonomous car is an intelligent thinking vehicle running on four wheels with capabilities to connect with the outside world. It should not be confused with a connected car as the latter only supplies information to the driver using connectivity technologies such as 3G...

Building Physical and Digital Competencies for Enterprise Growth

Posted by on May 3, 2017 in Semiconductor |

Change is the only constant and it is our only way forward; probably this is why we have been constantly digitizing almost everything we consume. Compact discs (CDs) took over the traditional audio cassettes back in the early 90s and since we have been storing and listening to music in the digital format. Our books have become eBooks. Online content channels stream our favorite TV shows and movies on a single click. Today, businesses and enterprises have started adopting digitization to deliver enhanced customer experiences. By adopting an extremely data-driven approach, these companies are able to design and constantly fine-tune the customer experience. But does that mean a digital...

IoT is enabling endless possibilities in the Smart Building and Home Automation space

Posted by on Apr 26, 2017 in Enterprise Mobility, Smart Devices |

Along with the digital transformation in the automotive and industrial segments, Internet of Things (IoT) has been creating a lot of buzz around smart buildings as well.  From ‘smart home’ to ‘connected enterprise’, IoT has been consistently making our surroundings increasingly intuitive through technology. Disruptive pressure to attain improved operational and energy efficiency is forcing construction managers to look up to smart building technologies for improved occupant experiences. Upcoming trends in the connected building solutions, whether it is about communication interfaces, video surveillance, environmental controls, or energy conservation, can deliver significant cost savings and efficiency gains. Recent disruptions in the Indian telecommunication service industry, such as 4G and competitive...

From insights to innovation:

Posted by on Apr 11, 2017 in Enterprise Grade Devices |

Discover how predictive analytics/maintenance is the next big thing in the data discovery standpoint. Predictive analytics juggles with probabilities instead of facts and figures, helping enterprises to anticipate and offset risks. Decision-making is and has always been critical in determining individual as well as organizational growth. We are now, at any given point of time, a step ahead of our age, thanks to the continuously spinning heads taking proactive decisions all this while! However, as we embark on our cognitive journey, most decisions cannot wait for data scientists’ skill set to evaluate potential options. This eagerness to bridge the gap between the present and the future has lead to...

Trends at MWC 2017

Posted by on Mar 23, 2017 in Automotive, Retail, Smart Devices |

Over 108,000 professionals from more than 2,300 companies participated in 2017 exhibition. From Connected cars, virtual reality, new smartphones and nifty app ideas, to robotics and 3D printing solutions were on display. There was an incredible showcase of technologies and platforms such as VR/AR, drones, and artificial intelligence spaces. The industry is under continuous transformation to embrace opportunities and challenges ahead. 5G: From revolution to evolution 5G evidently dominated MWC 2017. Connected vehicles, drones and robots filled the exhibition halls showcasing the 5G evolution. The attendees, technology enthusiasts, business prospects and almost everyone at the event were keen about the promising next gen technology. 5G will change the way...