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How can organizations benefit from ISO Certifications?

Posted by on Nov 7, 2016 in Project Management |

A uniformed approach to executing or working on a project results in an improved outcome for any organization. A process based approach helps organizations to have a uniform way of working and provides a common platform to exchange ideas. ISO standards allow organizations to establish a common platform termed as a Management System. A management system consists of documentation ranging from Policies, Manuals, and Processes which defines the working methodologies of an organization. There are various well known management standards available in the marketplace today. Out of all the ISO standards, few common and popular standards are ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security), ISO/IEC 20000...

More Apps for the Wearable Ecosystem

Posted by on Nov 7, 2016 in Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor, Smart Devices, Wireless |

Most of us have gone through a phase of aggressively chasing the insect with a snake. Left, right, up, and down keys pushed animatedly to beat scores amongst our small circle of friends. With every new phone release, we have all waited in anticipation of a new, more updated version of the games with ‘edgier’ graphics. This was the era of Nokia and the game ‘snake’ that consumed everyone’s attention. Our expectations and imaginations were contained in the few apps that were preloaded on the phone. The world of phones has seen a rapid evolution in the last couple of years. Big players like Apple and Samsung, have revolutionised...

Connected Cars: Where are we headed?

Posted by on Nov 4, 2016 in Automotive |

Man’s bid to have a connected world has led to the invention of useful products that shape our world today. The morphing of the wheel and telephone to cars and mobile phones has paved the way for the Connected Car. In layman terms, the Connected Car is a mobile on four wheels that lets the user make calls and use the Internet as well as location services. Over the past decade, this concept has evolved to encompass applications such as remote key, status monitoring, firmware update, remote control, traffic update, Wi-Fi, V2X (vehicle to infrastructure) safety, diagnostics, and alerts. The global market revenue for connected cars is estimated to...

Modular Smartphones in Market

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in Consumer Electronics, Enterprise Mobility, Semiconductor, Smart Devices |

Almost 18 month back, I had written a blog on Project Ara. Google (Motorola Mobility) launched Project Ara to develop modular smartphones with the announcement of Fairphone 2 (module/customizable) in December 2015. Neither Project Ara based phone nor Fairphone 2 phone are yet to hit the market, though the latter has sold 40,000 units of pre-ordered phones. LG has demonstrated its interesting modular smart phone LG G5 in MWC 2016 and launched it in February 2016. Similar to Module Developer Kit (MDK) of Google Project Ara, LG has released SDK and MDK for G5 to build its own market place for G5 modules [LG calls them LG Friends] Of...

Automotive: Native applications vs Web applications

Posted by on Apr 19, 2016 in Automotive, Smart Devices, Wireless |

There seems to be a trend of automotive products such as IVI Systems and Instrument Cluster among others that are using web based applications for all purposes such as media playback, vehicle information, etc. The other option for these applications is native application. So the question we must ask: Which one is better – Web based or native? With Web based applications, car infotainment system, instrument cluster OEMs will be able to reuse applications across all their products. This is very important because OEMs will have products based on multiple operating systems – QNX, ITRON, Android, Linux. OEMs will prefer to reuse from the perspective of cost saving, time-to-market...

Can Indian telecom operators and Automotive OEMs join hands for a safer connected car?

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016 in Automotive, Smart Devices, Telecom, Wireless |

The pace of evolution of the automobile industry rivals other scientific advancements like healthcare and Information Technology (IT.) From being considered a luxury item, not more than a decade ago, today cars have become commonplace even in emerging markets. Even as international brands and models jostle for space on our congested roads, our public transport system has not been able to keep pace with the rising demands of a mobile population. The rise of the automotive industry somewhat parallels the changes we have witnessed in the telecom industy. Over the last two decades, we have seen the democratization of mobile technology, spreading fast to envelope the world – developed...