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  May 15, 2015 2:53:29 PM

Google I/O 2015 is just a couple of weeks away and rumor mills are running strong on what features Google might introduce in the next version of Android. Debates are also frenzied with discussions about which dessert will Google name its latest version of Android after – Muffin, Marshmallow, Malai Barfi or our very own Malpoa!

While the share of Android Lollipop has just reached ~10% (and climbing) Google has already turned its attention towards its next release – Android M. A plethora of expectations and predictions are flooding the internet all over the world. We take a look at some of the features we expect to be (or not be) part of Android M.

Improvement on Android for Work

This seems to be a definite feature for there was a momentary spill out on this subject from Google in their I/O schedule. Android M might bring the power of Android to all kind of workplaces (small businesses, desk-less workers, etc.)

Android Auto to Android M for Auto

We expect Android M to bring in several features and interfaces to work seamlessly in an automotive environment (specifically on the head-unit side). With the introduction of ART, Android Lollipop version took a hit on boot time. This has to be definitely addressed if android M has to qualify for automotive environments that require quick or instant boot.

Support for Project Ara

With project Ara gaining significant popularity, Android M might bring in extended support for easily configurable and pluggable software components to enable hot swappable hardware modules.

Google Dart

Google has been experimenting with Dart, a web development language with focus on speed. Sky (a.k.a Dart on Android) is an experiment with goals of running apps as ambitiously high as 120 FPS. Android M may pull in this experimental feature.


The desire for multi-window support is greater than ever, thanks to the increase in sizes of phone screen & resolutions, desktop class CPUs and adoption of Android to enterprise world. Platform support for this feature will be elegant and pleasing instead of using some apps that emulate it.

Support for Wearables

Android M is expected to improve upon its support to wearables, specially watches and Google glass. A new version of Google glass might be in store at the I/O 2015.

No UI Overhaul

Android Lollipop introduced a major UI overhaul with the material design. It is highly unlikely that Android M will go through that again. We expect Android M to improve upon material design with refined design language and animations.

Google might repeat what it did for Lollipop – release a developer preview for Android M and unveil a refined, complete version of the M dessert at a later date. Whether M will bear the version 5.2 or will bump up to 6.0 remains to be seen.

Author: Raghavendra Rayadurga - Technical Architect,  ERnD Practice

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