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  Dec 4, 2017 1:15:01 PM

Supply chain for the Automobile sector consists of a manufacturing plant, warehouse, service center, and showroom. Automating these four places can bring more productivity for the automobile manufacturer.

In today’s world, customers need personalized products and manufacturers need to give them options. Manufacturers must be aware of current choices and preferences of the consumer and options should be available to them in advance. This way delay in delivering products can be avoided. For example, the following information is crucial for manufacturers:

  • Whether the customer is buying a bike or scooter
  • Which variant the customer prefers to buy more
  • What they don’t like is vital to take into consideration. Giving something which the other person won’t use is wastage for both manufacturers and customers.

Technology is getting more and more advance and with this kind of technology in hand, information flows rapidly. Once this happens, manufacturers can plan their product in advance and keep enough stock to reduce the delivery time. At the same time if they know the least moving products, they can reduce the production of those items and use the same space for other purposes. This information need not necessarily include vehicle sales booking but can include a number of leads or even a number of enquiries directly and indirectly. This way, manufacturers can judge the upcoming demands and will be prepared well in advance.

Ware House
Inventory is certainly required.  It shares instantaneous data. Inventory management is a costly affair and must be handled efficiently or else the manufacturers will lose a lot of money.

Service Center
Servicing is a very important segment for manufacturers. It is equally important for them to know about the quality of bike on real time basis and say what kind of road it will drive into. The kind of rider it requires, the kind of tearing that happens to various parts, and possible life that is left in the various critical components in a bike. This way, manufacturers can improve the quality of components or even change component suppliers if required.

There must be way forward to guess the bike sale on a monthly or weekly basis so that manufacturers can build the number of bikes accordingly. This will lessen the delay in delivery and more customers can opt for the vehicles since these days customers don’t have the patience to wait. Enterprise device manufacturers play a key role in providing technology that makes it possible.

Automating the entire structure is increasing the productivity by 10 times in Bajaj. All the data has moved back to Bajaj to decide the future of technology based on the customer’s demand.

Author: Mukesh Kumar, Architect-System Software, Devices Portfolio

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