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  Jun 7, 2018 2:12:42 PM

Sasken’s strategy is pivoted around building Digital capabilities in the B2B segment to drive the Digital transformation journey of our customers in the Industrial, Manufacturing, and Transportation verticals. We have built strong practices in the form of Digital Platforms, Mobility, UX/UI, IoT, AR/VR, Analytics, and Blockchain. Through these capabilities we enable our customers to implement Digital Transformation solutions that help them create new business models, deliver exceptional customer experience, and achieve superior levels of operational efficiency.

In 2017, IoT enabled connected devices outnumbered the world population for the first time. Now, we have 8.4 billion connected devices and these devices are expected to triple in the next few years. The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly evolving into the great growling engine of industrial change. The scope and scale of transformation, IoT can enable in today’s business world, is of true value. McKinsey estimates IoT to have an annual economic impact of $3.9T to $11.1T by 2025. IoT is empowering humans with an uncanny knack for reimagining the world we live in, transforming the way we engage with ‘things’ around us, and redesigning the factories of the future.

At Sasken, we firmly believe that IoT energizes digital transformation in the industrial sector and for B2B businesses at large. It changes the sector’s business fabric to weave in new offerings that can enable new performance thresholds, outcomes, and new business models through new revenue streams including data monetization.

At Sasken Digital, we believe that IoT platforms enable the entire value chain from the extraction of data from sensors/devices/machines to analytics delivering remote control, actionable insights, and superior service management, especially in the industrial context.

To add value to our customers, we have created a comprehensive set of capabilities including custom IoT platform development, implementation of world-leading platforms such as PTC ThingWorx, design of Digital twins, Data lake architecture and implementation, immersive reality solutions, and Analytics/ML for applications like predictive maintenance.

Through these solutions, we deliver some of the most important functionalities that our customers are looking for in the form of smart product enablement, asset monitoring and performance management, predictive maintenance, service management, data monetization, and other Industry 4.0 use cases.

LiveWorx is a leading event focused on Digital Transformation leveraging IoT. Our presence is intended to achieve the following objectives:

  • Showcase our capabilities to customers attending the event
  • Engage with customers and our partner PTC to understand how IoT strategies are progressing across various sectors
  • Get into strategic discussions with our customers on how we can add value to their Digital Transformation initiatives

Click here for more details about Sasken’s participation at LiveWorx 2018

Author: Raman Sapra, Executive Vice President and General Manager - Digital

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