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  Feb 27, 2014 7:06:12 AM

Do you think your smartphone is a ‘smart’ one? Yet not. The technology that powers the device is yet to catch up well everywhere and the world around us to transform radically.

The first phase of mobile computing was all about turning our cellphones into powerful pocket PC’s. This posed unique challenges because of the size and data connectivity. Over the last decade, cellphone witnessed convergence of technologies with significant proliferation of data and voice. Once the size seemed to be squeezing and then started to become bulky with large screen displays. Within this process tablets were born. Multiple segments of devices were created. The local connectivity technologies converged, and coherently evolved to become robust. The cellular technologies bettered by specifications and eventually on the data rates. The semiconductor industry had undergone convergence & consolidation to produce stable, integrated, powerful, fast and efficient hardware platforms. The web services to connect to the internet were redefined and internet on the device became more prevalent with quick access to any data. Battery life increased phenomenally. PoS devices were born. The iOS and Android software frameworks set the precedence and ruled the roost by setting up a strong development to distribution eco system in applications space and thus by providing the stupendous power into the consumer’s hand. Essentially the applications, services and systems were built to turn a cellphone into a ‘everything’ device.

All the hard work has been done now and currently we stand in the middle of the inflection point to kick start on a new era of mobile computing wherein actually the smartness is about to be built and deployed. The second phase will be to take this ‘everything’ device to ‘everywhere’. The connected home, smart car, television, commerce, healthcare monitoring, wearable gadgets etc.  are being interconnected to each other. The greater level of personalization, customization, contextual & historical data mixed with intelligence will make the cellphones smarter that pro-actively alert and guide the user. This will result from continuing rapid advances of the device to query remote databases and perform complex calculations. The cellphones will present the data to the user that was available than never before.

As a supplement to give a boost to this new trend which is kicking now, the ecosystem of device manufacturers comprising of semiconductors, OEM/ODMs, ISV’s etc have started perceiving in this direction. Cisco defines it as IoE – Internet of Everything, thrives to have a big stake in the hardware infrastructure and predicts that 25 billion devices will be connected by 2015.  Samsung aims to invade the connected homes. Intel is gearing up with hardware and software products to tap the market. Qualcomm calls it as ‘Digital sixth sense’, has bunch of frameworks like AllJoyn, AllPlay, Smart Automotive, etc. to position itself on the multiple corners of the marketplace.

The world is yet to witness a formidable & deadly technological combination that is to be watched out for is ‘IoT + M2M + Sensors + Business Intelligence + Big Data + Artificial Intelligence + Wearable ’.

Sasken is sensitive to the market trends and constantly vouches to be on the edge by offering the customers with latest technological & innovative solutions. The ‘Everywhere’ trend is being keenly observed, understood, learnt and delivered.

Authored by Nagesh GP.

Pls note that the above views are purely individual opinions.


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