Wi-Fi Offload

  Dec 13, 2013 8:48:04 AM

Smartphones growth is demanding higher data usage with 3G and LTE, this data usage is expected to explode going forward. Mobile industry has been looking at using Wi-Fi as a complementary access technology. With the advent of dual-mode handsets, Wi-Fi has become an access network alternative primarily to enhance coverage in doors. Current estimates show already more than 60% of content delivered to smartphones is provided over Wi-Fi access networks.


  • Making Wi-Fi Offload Secure & Automatic
  • Making Carrier Services Available on Wi-Fi
  • Enhancing Network Discovery & Selection
  • Monetizing Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Forging Partnerships across the Wi-Fi Ecosystem

ePDG (LTE & eHRPD) and Wi-Fi Offload

Non-3GPP accesses can be split into two categories: the "trusted" ones and the "untrusted":

Trusted non-3GPP accesses can interact directly with the EPC (Enhanced Packet Core) LTE network.

Untrusted non-3GPP accesses interwork with the EPC via a network entity called the ePDG (for Evolved Packet Data Gateway). The main role of the ePDG is to provide security mechanisms such as IPsec tunneling of connections with the UE over an untrusted non-3GPP access.

ePDG Primary Features:

  • Integration of multiple core network functions in a single node
  • Superior performance and backhaul security through IPSec tunnels, tunnel set-up rates, throughput, and deep packet inspection (DPI)
  • Real-time subscriber, service, and application intelligence with enforcement

Sasken is actively working with industry leaders in enabling Wi-Fi offload:

  • ePDG support in 4G LTE mobile devices (VPN tunneling for Multiple PDNs over Wi-Fi)
  • Location Based Services over Wi-Fi
  • Operator Hosted Enterprise Services over Wi-Fi
  • RCSe over 3GPP and Wi-Fi for Enterprise

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