Trends and Possibilities in the NFC Space Today

  Oct 29, 2018 5:14:55 AM

Near field communication or NFC is a communicative technology that allows transfer of data between two electronic devices.

NFC devices are made of a small antenna, a radio chip, and some storage memory and these devices can transfer data when held at close ranges (4-10cm). An NFC device can behave both, as an NFC reader and as a tag. They also support peer-to-peer communication.

Future Possibilities and Solutions

NFC is already used in a host of applications ranging from contactless payments to smart tags in medical application to keyless access in hospitality and smart homes. These applications and usages are growing.

 NFC tags are small, inexpensive, and can easily be embedded into electronic items. Thus, they open doors for a host of opportunities and make NFC technology among the most convenient. Some future use cases would include:

  • Multiple Application Smart Cards: A single Smart card shared for multiple applications, like Transport, loyalties, library, payments, etc.
  • Personalization and Item Usage: In Automotive, NFC can be used for personalization of settings like FM channel, AC, Seat etc., instructions for operation or links for detailed manuals can be stored in a tags and retrieved. Clothing can be embedded with tags containing washing instructions
  • Brand Protection: NFC tags can be used for authenticating spare parts in Automotive. Authenticate shoes, clothing
  • Maintenance: In Industry, Automobiles etc., NFC tags can be embedded with appropriate maintenance/breakdown instructions, links
  • Healthcare operations: NFC integrated systems will revamp healthcare operations and bring convenience in areas from medicine prescription to patient check-in and check-out, patient care and payments.
  • Enhanced digital experience: Since NFC can store a variety of data ranging from content to pictures and videos, there are endless possibilities of digital consumer experience and use cases. Products can be embedded with contextual information via NFC to enable better consumer experience which builds a greater connection between enterprises and their customers.

 The NFC tags can be attached to a variety of products such as business cards, posters, labels, and prescription bottles, to provide a convenient and hassle-free experience for consumers.

 Another potential use case is an NFC enabled visitor badge used for conferences and meetings. Such badges can provide information on the conference, agenda, contextual conference material and even live updates, such as social media feeds and local weather updates.

Experts opine that in the time to come, say in the next decade or so, RFID and NFC together will reimagine the operations and growth of industries, such as healthcare, retail, and manufacturing for the better.

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Jayasimha Holkal
Senior Architect-Software, Product Engineering Services

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